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  • Automate your Construction Site
    Documentation and Save up to
    80% Of Your Time.

    In The Field

    Easy geocoded photo documentation on your site.

    Automatic geocoding, photo tagging and assignment to geographically defined project areas.

    In The Field

    Easy geocoded photo documentation on your site.

    Real-time preview of GIS layers for field workers.

    In The Field

    Easy geocoded photo documentation on your site.

    Automatic recording of weather data and quick categorizing and description of the material.

    In The Office

    Real-time monitoring and project management in the team.

    GIS Cockpit

    Get an overview of your construction project, monitor the progress in real-time with access to all the photos in your project and gain an excellent feeling of coordination of your work. Everything from the desk!


    Control your construction project by gaining access to workers' statistics and easier reporting. Plan your goals and implement them easilly.


    Manage your team and your work. As an administrator you have both control over the profiles of your team members as well as the possibility to design your project according to your wishes.


    Convenient connection to your system infrastructure.


    Foto-GIS is compatible with plugins like WebDAV, Google Drive, Dropbox, Oracle databases and many more. You do not have to limit yourself to predefined, exted Fogo-GIS with plugins that fit your work easier.

    Open API

    Foto-GIS is extremely easy to integrate into existing systems and data structures. If you want to use Foto-GIS, you do not have to do without previous apps and systems, but you can easily use them, so that no progress is lost.

    Customized solution

    Foto-GIS team will always strive to provide a solution that is tailored to your needs and needs. By the almost limitless personalizability of this app can be found the right for everyone.


    Photo GIS deployment in the currently largest FTTC expansion project in Europe:
    – approx. 2,200 route kilometers in advance, construction documentation
    and acceptance documentation
    – about 6 900 km2 area
    – expansion for approx. 1 million inhabitants
    – approximately 53 000 businesses and 380 000 households
    – 5 counties with over 100 municipalities and about 570 districts
    – approx. 1400 multifunction housing
    – already 40 000 photos since 01.2017 (as of 10.2017)
    – over 100 Photo-GIS users in the field
    – another 2 years of construction until the end of 2019
    – daily up to 500 photos of over 100 users


    Broadband expansion and fiber optic supply for Carrier customers throughout Germany:
    – more than 13 000 km of own optical fiber networks
    – own infrastructure development with over 500km per calendar year
    – connections to Telehouses RZ and POP locations in over 50 cities
    – over 80 national and international customers
    – about 10.000 photos since 05.2017 (as of 10.2017)
    – over 50 active FotoGIS users
    – Photo GIS for shaft documentation and documentation of fiber optic work
    – Use in damage recordings and damage elimination
    – Documentation of existing shafts and new shaft locations


    Introduction of Foto-GIS system in the construction of large water,
    sewage and heating sanitary networks in Poland and the Czech Republic:
    – Over 50 major construction projects since 2017. In areas such:
    – motorways and expressways
    – construction of gravity channels
    – rainwater drainage systems
    – reconstruction of sewage and water supply networks
    – construction of sanitary sewage system
    – construction of sewage treatment plant
    – Over 20,000 photos from 01.2017 (as at 10.2019)
    – Over 100 users of the Foto-GIS system in the field and offices
    – Up to 500 photos and over 100 users every day


    Introduction of Foto-GIS in large FTTx and plumbing and
    water network projects in Germany and Poland:
    – Over 50 major construction projects in 2017 in areas such as:
    – FTTx networks
    – Motorways
    – Development of broadband networks
    – Reconstruction of sewage and water supply networks
    – Construction of sanitary sewage systems
    – Already 30 000 photos since 2018 (as of 10.2019)
    – Over 70 photo GIS users in the office and in the field
    – Up to 400 photos a day from over 70 users


    Foto-GIS Einsatz in großen Netzbau-, Vermessung-, und Baudokumentations Projekten in Deutschland:
    – über 50 große Bauprojekte im Jahr 2018 in Bereichen, wie:
    – Neubau / Erweiterung von LWL- , Breit­bandkabel-, und Fern­melde­netzen
    – Bauüberwachung / Bauleitung
    – Ortung und Einmessung vorhandener Kabel
    – Einblasen von Mikrokabel
    – Errichtung von FTTx Netzen
    – Bereits 180 000 Fotos seit 2017 (Stand 10.2019)
    – über 150 Foto-GIS Nutzer im Innen- und Außendienst
    – Täglich bis zu 700 Fotos von über 150 Anwendern

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